Monday, November 14, 2011

First post - why a blog?

I have been toying with the idea of starting this blog for a couple of months now. I have a Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. During this economy, I've found myself struggling to find work. I once had an awesome job but due to changes in leadership, I lost it. This occurred four months after obtaining my MBA and right in the middle of this crazy recession. I, like many of my MBA classmates, thought I was marketable enough to find another job. So after complete desperation and blowing right through my savings, I took a job without doing much research. It was for a start-up firm. It was a marketing position, it was social media, and finally, it was a job. How could I really complain. Like really???  So what I was making $20K less than in my last position and so what I had to fight for health insurance, a job is a job is a job, right? I should be thankful.

Well yes UNTIL . . .

Like many other start-ups in both good and bad times, the one I was working for, began losing revenue and looking for ways to cut bulk. I eventually became the ONLY employee at this company and now I am a part-time employee - making peanuts.

Prior to ALL of this happening, I found a deep desire to learn more about health and fitness. I have a family that's pretty sick and I became interested in learning more about healthcare and healthy living. I became a personal trainer and a group fitness instructor. Working part-time in this field has peeked my curiosity in the medical field. I work with people who have injuries, illnesses, and need care. They ask me about this stuff BUT I am not qualified! I have many friends that are doctors and nurses and I see how much they love their jobs and realized that I too can be a nurse. That I like to care for others and that medicine, health and wellness is something I want to learn more about.

After DEEP thought and even a DEEPER look at the cost of going back to school, I realized I wanted to give a shot. I have some pre-requisites I need to take and then the nursing school application process. I did some research on various forums and found no information on the REALITY of switching careers. I figured, I can provide my experience and my advice to others who are looking.

From today until the day I graduate with my Accelerated Bachelor's Degree in Nursing, I will attempt to blog about my experiences to help others going through or considering the same transition.

That's all for now!

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