About Me

This is me. A regular 9 - 5er working for a paycheck and unhappy in the field of study/work I pursued. Like many others, I have debt, I have bills, and I run out of work at 5 o'clock.

I feel like I can't make a difference at work. I'm just pushing paper for "the man."

On my downtime (and as a part-time side gig), I teach Zumba Fitness at a community church. I love that job.

I also love learning about health and wellness and one day (when I grow up for the umpteenth time) I'd like to know enough to nurse people to health. I want to advocate for my patient's and help others.

This blog will be about my journey going from the board room to the emergency room. I hope to share and gather the information I learn in taking necessary pre-requisites, finding programs, applying to schools, and (hopefully) successfully completing a program. I'm sure I'm not the only person contemplating this change and I'd like to carve out a little nook of knowledge for others who decide to follow the same path.

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